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It is not the end all but is a beginning to being better.


My name is Paul Dunbar, I have been involved in kids ministry full time for 10 years. I am just a guy who God is using to partner with parents to raise spiritual champions. I am married to Leslie, we have four beautiful daughters. She is an amazing woman, wife, and mother. I am truly blessed to call her mine.


Kids Ministry Now is here to discuss current kids ministry trends. This could be curriculum, problems, head aches, personal issues, ideas, events and more. It will be a place to hopefully answer questions, and help everyone who reads understand that they are not alone in ministry and that God is in control.


Kids ministry Now is here to help you grow your ministry, encourage you on the journey, and help you laugh and learn all the while. This is not the end all but is a start in helping you in kids ministry. I pray this site helps you do more for His kingdom. If you are interested in a certain topic, interested in speaking engagement, or just need prayer feel free to leave a comment.

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Why Advent?

Why Advent? Hello all and thanks for reading.  I believe most of us have heard the term used and said this time of year called ADVENT.  I have heard this term from when I was a young child.  As I was praying and thinking about what to share with you all about the word ADVENTContinue reading “Why Advent?”

Thankful IN everything!

I had the privilege to attend our community Thanksgiving service last night, and it was terrific.  The choir ensembles were top notch.  The preaching by Brother Jones, Greater Peace, did a fantastic job.  I wanted to take a few minutes to recap his thoughts.  As a family, my prayer is that you will discuss thisContinue reading “Thankful IN everything!”

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