5 Senses

Have you ever wanted to teach a lesson that had the kids totally engaged, totally focused? Well creating an environment for kids to succeed and learn well is one of the best ways to engage and grab children’s attention. In ministry one of the questions I often ask and filter before any lesson, series, event, etc. is how we can get all 5 senses involved for the children. Having this mentality when approaching the topic will better engage the children.

Children learn in a variety of ways. When talking about the 5 senses we are talking about touch, smell, hear, taste, and see. These are the five senses, and these are the different ways kids learn. We are not perfect at hitting all five senses every lesson, but we sure try.

You might be asking what does this look like when coming up with a plan. Let’s look at a bible story and see what that might look like for us. Like I said 5 is the goal but more than 2 is always good.

We are all familiar with David and Goliath. If we look at this lesson with the idea we want to hit all five senses a few are pretty easy. You can bring rocks, smooth stones, for the kids to touch. You can find a sling shot so they can feel and see how it works. For the sound you can record the sound of swinging the sling shot and also have a sound of a river flowing where David picked the rocks. The smell is a unique one, so we have to get creative. You can have the kids smell the rocks, find a leather scent to help with the sling shot, have fun with it. We have hit the sight, smell, touch, and sound, but what about Taste? What do we do about this? For us the fun can come from having candy pop rocks. Remember the idea is to help reenforce the lesson. The “Rocks” in Pop rocks will help them to think of David and Goliath. So, you see with a little fun you can hit 4 to 5 of the senses and you have taken your lesson from just a read and listen to an engaging, dynamic lesson that kids will remember and probably talk about for some time.

Remember when you are creating your lessons be creative and think like a kid. Kids today are very different, and we should also be different in our teaching and creativity. When we put in a little work, we can more effectively reach the kids and teach them foundational biblical stories that will last a lifetime.

I want to encourage you with this. We are to do whatever we do for the Lord. I understand the strains of being prepared week in and week out for a lesson, but through prayer and effort we can take our lessons to a whole other level. Remember we are doing this for the Lord and want to see kids grow.

Keep up the great work and be creative.

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