Leading Kids Through an Election

Today is a big day for America. It is November 3rd and election day. This post will not be political, and I am not telling you how to vote. I am writing as a parent and a kid’s ministry leader to encourage you to take advantage of what this day could be for your family. My children understand that it is election day and have asked a ton of questions. What is republican? What is a democrat? What is the difference? These are all great questions, and I have three things that can help you on this day and in the future to come in dealing with the current state of affairs in our country and being a parent or ministry leader.

1. Talk with your children about what is going on. Do not dismiss their questions and play it off like it is not a big deal. What we are dealing with is a big deal. The issues we are discussing are a big deal. This is a prime opportunity for you to begin the dialogue about severe topics and invite your kids to talk with you. You are opening the door to many more conversations and giving them the trust and confidence that they can come and speak to you about anything. So, when your children come and ask questions, please take the time to explain and listen to them. They may not fully grasp or understand, but this is an excellent ground for you to show them that they can talk to you about anything and when other stuff comes up, and it will, they will be able to approach you and know they will not be shut down or ignored.

2. Look at it through the bible. The issues we are facing, such as abortion, same-sex relationships, personal identification, taxes, and more, all have a place in the bible and can be answered through scripture. You may not know all the answers, and saying “I don’t know” is okay. Research and be able to bring them a response and an answer through the bible. You will have a chance to examine all the things they are talking about in school and see on the news through the bible. As Christians, we must learn to answer questions from what the Word of God says and not just because this is what we were taught, or this is what I believe. The word is very clear on the issues mentioned above and some time spent looking it up will give you the biblical answer. You are showing them how to navigate scripture. You show them to rely on what God says and help them learn to live a life based on the bible and not what the world or anyone else says.

3. Show them how to pray. Our family spent some time in prayer for today. We prayed for voters, politicians, and everything in between. This shows them that even though we disagree with people and issues, we can come together and pray for it all. This leads them to how to extend grace and mercy and still love biblically. Any time you get to pray with and for your children is enormous and is a significant foundational step our kids need to learn. Modeling this for them will help them gain confidence and experience in praying.

So as you navigate this election process, I would encourage you to talk with your children, show them through scripture, and lead them in prayer. This is a massive opportunity as a parent, and

I pray for you to take advantage of it. Lead and love well, and thank you for reading. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

4 thoughts on “Leading Kids Through an Election

  1. Great advice! I will be sure to implement into my parenting cause am open relationship with my kids is what I pray for. I’m reading a book right now called “the power of a praying parent,” and in the book it talks about while praying for your child to include scripture! I like how you compare real life issues to the Bible & how we should look at that as a family!


  2. Thank you for the great advice. My teenager has been anxious about the results of the election. Biblical foundation has helped steady his thoughts and show him God is totally in control.


    1. Absolutely. No matter the outcome we need to be firm in what we believe biblically. Remind your child about Phillipians 4:6. Praying for you and keep up the great job parenting.


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