The VBS Aftermath

If you have been in kids ministry long enough you know that VBS or vacation bible school is a huge process for any kids ministry department. The fruit from it is amazing if done correctly, but a lot of times we forget about what to do after.

The prep –

Prepping for VBS is a huge undertaking no matter what size church you are in. You have to recruit volunteers, make schedules, order shirts, get snacks and supplies lined up and so much more. This is exhausting and if not managed well can lead to lots of frustration leading up to and during VBS.

The During

This is where all the hard work is paid off. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and see all the smiles and enjoyment of all the kids that come through the doors. Coming out of a pandemic this is even more gratifying because huge gatherings and community have been hard to find.


This is where I wanted to camp out today and remind us all that if this part is not handle correctly we will not grow and get better for next year. This part of the process is huge and must be done for growth. I wanted to focus on 5 things that will help with the AFTER math and lead to a better NEXT YEAR.

1. Clean up – do this as soon as possible. I know you are tired your team is tired and the last thing you want to do is rearrange and put stuff back but if you do it quickly it is done and makes the following days so much easier.

2. Evaluation – this is key. I would encourage you to set up a team meeting with your key leaders and get honest constructive feedback. You have to understand this is not an attack on you, I get it you worked your tail off, but is vital in assuring that you see blind spots and areas of weakness. I would encourage you to do this within 48 hours of the conclusion of your event. Ask hard questions and make notes of everything said. Type it up and file it away for a later day, but get it done so you can improve on what you need to.

3. Follow up – this is huge for parents and kids. It is also simple and efficient but goes a longgggg way. Send a quick email to the parents thanking them for attending. Send post cards to the kids who attended with specifics things they did great and invite them

back to your church. For those kids that made decisions make it a mission to get in touch personally with the parents and kids to set up times to meet and visit about what God did in their life.

4. Take a minute and sit back and enjoy. You deserve it. Enjoy the memories made, enjoy the hard work put in, enjoy seeing God move and do wonderful things in the lives of your adults and kids.

5. Rest – please take some time to recover. I know we are all onto the next thing. My biggest pitfall is moving on before one thing is over. But please take a day off. Sleep in a little. Whatever it is do something that will help you recharge.

VBS is an awesome time and you worked hard. I pray this helps you with next year and if I can ever help please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks for reading and be blessed.

Paul D

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